Heating and Air Conditioning in Fayetteville, NC

Heating and Air Conditioning in Fayetville, NCSince 1978, we have been providing reliable, professional, and affordable heating, ventilation, and air conditioning installation and repair services. We are dedicated to providing the most affordable, professional services possible, and our workmanship is second to none. If you need air conditioner repair or heating repair in Fayetteville, NC, please call Gore Heating & Air Conditioning today. (910) 485-5877

In addition to our many years of experience and our extensive training in repairing and installing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems for both residential and commercial properties, we carry all the necessary licenses, qualifications, and certifications so you can rest assured that your home’s heating and air conditioning system is in good hands.

  • Dual-Licensed by the North Carolina State Board of Examiners
  • All Required Municipality Permits
  • BBB Accredited Business
  • Member of the Fayetteville Area Heating Contractors Association
  • Certified by the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA)

Heating & Air Conditioning Services

Residential Heating and Cooling Repair and Installation – We offer a full range of heating and air conditioning repair and installation services, including routine maintenance and a comprehensive assessment. If you notice your Heater or Air Conditioner isn’t moving air as efficiently as possible, or if your system is turning on and back off quickly (this is called short-cycling), we can determine the problem and repair it quickly, affordably, and professionally.

Whether your furnace needs routine maintenance, or your central forced-air system is malfunctioning, Gore Heating & Air Conditioning can help! We can repair or install a variety of heating and air conditioning systems, and we are proud to use HEIL air conditioners and furnaces on new installations. We stand by HEIL’s line of durable, reliable products, and we are dedicated to combining our quality workmanship with only the highest quality products, to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Commercial HVAC Repair in Fayetville, NCCommercial Heating and Cooling Repair and Installation – Commercial properties have Heat and A/C systems that use the same principles as the heating and air conditioning in a residential building, but on a much larger scale. These bulky, complex machines often require special training, certification, and experience to properly maintain. We are well-trained and highly experienced in repairing and installing commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. If your business is growing too hot or too cold, don’t let your customers and employees suffer any longer, give us a call today!

We are well-trained and highly experienced in repairing and installing commercial HVAC units. Having a heating and air conditioning system fail is never convenient, but when it impacts the happiness and comfort of your customers or the comfort and productivity of your employees, that failure can be detrimental. We are happy to offer a full range of heating, ventilation and air conditioning repair and installation services to commercial properties in Fayetteville, NC and a number of locations across North Carolina.

If you need reliable, professional air conditioner repair or heating repair in Fayetteville, NC, please call the HVAC contractors at Gore Heating & Air Conditioning at (910) 485-5877. We would be happy to assess, diagnose, and repair your HVAC system today.

Heating and Air Conditioning Services

Heating and Air Conditioning Services

Residential HVAC Repair in Fayetville, NCThere are a variety of problems that can arise with your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. Sometimes the problem is as simple as dirt that has clogged your machinery, and the system simply needs to be cleaned. Other times, the problem could be more serious; ducting seams can fail and allow air to escape into the walls of your home, or a component of the blower motor could fail and need replacement.Commercial Heat and A/C Services

Commercial properties often have large, complex HVAC units that are more prone to malfunction. Maintaining an heating and cooling unit requires special training, and the zoning & ducting network can require complex mathematical formulations to efficiently direct air over a course of ducting that can literally extend for miles. When your commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system stops working as efficiently, or simply stops working altogether, give Gore Heating & Air Conditioning a call!



Geothermal Repair and Installation in Fayetville, NCWe proudly offer geothermal heat pumps from Bosch. A geothermal heat pump (also known as a ground-source heat pump) is a system for heating and cooling your home that transfers heat to or from the ground, helping reduce the load on your HVAC system and increase your home’s heating and cooling efficiency.
In the winter, a geothermal heat pump will use the ground as a heat source, transferring heat from the much warmer earth to your home. In the summer, the heat pump will treat the cooler earth like a heat sink, transferring the heat from your home into the earth, helping keep the air much cooler.

Below the frost line, the earth remains a constant temperature of 55-80 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on your location. This constant temperature can be utilized to help condition the air above ground, which fluctuates more often. With a geothermal heat exchange system, you can save up to 70% on your monthly heating and cooling bills, and they have virtually no impact on the environment.

A geothermal heat pump is twice as efficient as a traditional air conditioner or air-to-air heat pump, providing reliable energy for up to 50 years or more. Not only do they operate efficiently, they operate quietly to minimize the impact on your home. For every dollar spent on electricity, a geothermal heat pump can generate 3 to 4 dollars worth of heat. A full range of our available products includes:

Service Locations

We provide service to a variety of locations. Not only do we offer heating and air conditioner repair in Fayetteville, we also provide it to the following areas:

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If you are interested in geothermal heat pumps, give Gore Heating & Air Conditioning a call! (910) 485-5877