4 Signs of a Failing Furnace

Dusty Gas Furnace

Don’t Wait Too Long to Repair Your Home’s Furnace

Many homeowners rely on a furnace for their heating needs. As with any other home appliance, it can begin to wear down over time. Gore Heating & A/C offers furnace repair services to residents of Fayetteville, NC. If you suspect failure in your heating device, but are unsure which symptoms indicate damage, check out these 4 signs of a failing furnace:

Allergy Increase

If you notice your allergies spike during the autumn season, the culprit could be your furnace. Since fall is generally the first time that homeowners utilize a furnace, dust and other particles are released into indoors. While in some cases this can be prevented with a simple duct cleaning before the weather cools, in other cases, the entire unit needs to be repaired or replaced.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Every homeowner should invest in a carbon monoxide detector. CM poisoning kills 400 Americans per year and is often the result of a leaking furnace. By equipping your home with several CM detectors, you can keep your family safe and also diagnose furnace failure at its source.

Energy Bill Increase

If you find your energy bills spiking considerably in the cooler months, your heater is doing an inefficient job of warming your home. This can sometimes be a combination of things, like poor insulation on your home’s exterior. But more often than not, a failing furnace will require more energy to heat a home.

Strange Noises

There are several noises that homeowners will notice coming from a damaged furnace. If you hear frequent clicking noises, the ignition may be shot. Loud banging sounds indicate a defective motor. Other similar noises like rattling and popping can also reveal failure. Call (910) 485-5877 for furnace repair in Fayetteville, NC.