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3 Ways To Make Your House Warmer In The Winter Without Your Heater

When winter comes around, everyone wants to stay warm, but turning on the heater constantly can make for a hefty bill at the end of the month. Today we will go over 3 things you can do to make your home warmer without the assistance of your heater.

Install a Humidifier

Winter Home?

How Are You Staying Warm This Winter?

Did you know that installing a humidifier can make your home feel warmer? Humid air doesn’t feel as cold as dry air, so you can feel better without adjusting the thermostat. The humid air also makes you less susceptible to winter time illnesses.

Use Your Curtains Strategically

If your home has many windows, those can be area of heat loss, or even heat gain. For windows that allow sunlight in for the majority of the day, leave those curtains open. When the sun goes down, quickly shut the curtains to trap the sun’s heat inside. It is best to use thicker curtains that can work as insulation for this helpful trick.

Improve Your Home’s Insulation

There are many places that your home can lose heat, or take in cold air. Make sure the weather stripping on all of your doors and windows is still in good working order, and replace it if it has become dry and warped. Additionally, when was the last time you changed the insulation in your attic and walls? If you can’t remember, you may need to get it replaced ASAP if you want to have more control over the temperature in your home.

If you need HVAC repair services, give us a call today at (910) 485-5877 to get started!

How Does A Geothermal Heat Pump Work?

Illustration of a Geothermal Heat Pump

A Geothermal Heat Pump Moves Heat Energy From One Place to Another.

A geothermal heat pump can help you save money on your energy bills. These units move heat energy from an area of higher heat energy to an area of lower heat energy. In the winter, a geothermal heat pump provides heat for your home.  In the summer, a geothermal pump draws heat out of your home. If you would like more information about how a geothermal heat pump could benefit your home, Gore Heating & A/C is here to answer all your questions.

Heat Exchange Process

The temperature under the earth’s surface is warmer than the outside temperature in the winter. A geothermal heat pump uses a series of underground pipes flowing with water and antifreeze to absorb the heat from the ground. The water mixture flows into the geothermal heat pump. This is where the heat exchange happens to move the heat out of the pipes into your house.

The heat pump has four basic components. In the evaporator, a liquid refrigerant absorbs the heat energy from the pipes. This causes the liquid to boil and evaporate and move into the compressor. The compressor increases the heat energy of the evaporated refrigerant. From the compressor, the evaporated refrigerant moves into the condenser. The condenser transfers the heat energy into the pipes that will carry the heat into your home. The evaporated refrigerant releases its energy and returns to a liquid state. The liquid refrigerant travels through the expansion valve, which releases the remaining pressure from the refrigerant and it goes back into the evaporator. This process gets repeated over and over again.

The process reverses to pull excess heat from your home when the weather is hot. If you want to learn more about installing a geothermal heat pump in your home, contact our office at (910) 485-5877.

3 Typical Commercial HVAC Problems

Typical HVAC Problems

Commercial Buildings Rely Heavily on AC Units

The HVAC system in your commercial building holds a lot of responsibility. It impacts energy usage, safety, and the ability to operate at a high level. Gore Heating and A/C offers commercial heating and air conditioning repair in Fayetteville, NC. If you are unsure whether your unit is causing problems, be on the lookout for these 3 typical commercial HVAC problems:

Air Imbalance

Have you ever noticed that some rooms in your home seem to be hotter in the summer, and cooler in the winter? This is due to air imbalance and could be a defect with your AC and heating duct systems. A thorough investigation would have to take place to locate the origin of the source. But Gore Heating and A/C is up for the job.

Clogged Filters

Dirty filters that are clogged can force your AC unit to work over its max level. This puts a lot of stress on your unit, not to mention it creates a spike in your energy usage, and thus energy bill. One way to avoid this is with regular maintenance of your filters. This way, levels will be checked, and clogs will be prevented.

Refrigerant Leaks

The liquid substance that drives your air conditioner is known as refrigerant. When this substance is leaking, you know there is a problem with your unit. You can visually spot a leak round your unit, or you can tell by the lack of cool air that not enough of the liquid is present inside the device. This can cause a multitude of problems for commercial buildings.

4 Signs of a Failing Furnace

Dusty Gas Furnace

Don’t Wait Too Long to Repair Your Home’s Furnace

Many homeowners rely on a furnace for their heating needs. As with any other home appliance, it can begin to wear down over time. Gore Heating & A/C offers furnace repair services to residents of Fayetteville, NC. If you suspect failure in your heating device, but are unsure which symptoms indicate damage, check out these 4 signs of a failing furnace:

Allergy Increase

If you notice your allergies spike during the autumn season, the culprit could be your furnace. Since fall is generally the first time that homeowners utilize a furnace, dust and other particles are released into indoors. While in some cases this can be prevented with a simple duct cleaning before the weather cools, in other cases, the entire unit needs to be repaired or replaced.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Every homeowner should invest in a carbon monoxide detector. CM poisoning kills 400 Americans per year and is often the result of a leaking furnace. By equipping your home with several CM detectors, you can keep your family safe and also diagnose furnace failure at its source.

Energy Bill Increase

If you find your energy bills spiking considerably in the cooler months, your heater is doing an inefficient job of warming your home. This can sometimes be a combination of things, like poor insulation on your home’s exterior. But more often than not, a failing furnace will require more energy to heat a home.

Strange Noises

There are several noises that homeowners will notice coming from a damaged furnace. If you hear frequent clicking noises, the ignition may be shot. Loud banging sounds indicate a defective motor. Other similar noises like rattling and popping can also reveal failure. Call (910) 485-5877 for furnace repair in Fayetteville, NC.


Signs You Require Boiler Repair

Boiler RepairWhether you’re a homeowner or commercial building owner in Fayetteville, NC, boiler damage is nothing to play around with. The carbon monoxide that emanates from them can be fatal, which is why they should always be equipped with a carbon monoxide detector. Perhaps even more concerning, is that a boiler can actually explode. At Gore Heating & A/C, we offer boiler repair for any damage that may have occurred. Check out these signs you need repair:

Gas Leakage

A boiler leak will produce a foul and and powerful smell for residents of the property. This is not something you will necessarily have to go looking for, as the smell will be powerful enough for you to notice it organically. Still, it’s not a bad idea to check every once and a while to be sure. Odors like this are generally caused by gas leaks from your boiler. This can be very dangerous and cause the aforementioned explosions.

Heat Distribution

Homeowners who notice that certain areas of their home seem hotter or cooler than the rest should consider the possibility of unit malfunction. Uneven heat distribution is one of the most pertinent indicators of a damaged boiler. Similarly, building owners who notice the same or similar symptom should also have their equipment checked. This can be caused by something as simple as a pressure adjustment, or something more complicated like water contamination.

Water Buildup

Gas is not the only thing that can leak from your boiler. If you recognize an accumulation of water at the bottom of the structure, the chances are that your unit is going into operation shutdown. This tends to happen when the system has been overworked and under-maintained. In any case, professional assistance is strongly recommended. Call (910) 485-5877 for boiler repair in Fayettville, NC.

Vented vs Vent Free Gas Logs

Vented vs Vent Free Gas Log

Many families are investing in vent free gas logs with remote controls

Homeowners in Fayetteville, NC interested in adding a fireplace, are faced with a decision. Vented vs vent free gas logs are a comparison that every prospective customer will have to consider. There are pros and cons to each log type. At Gore Heating and Cooling, we install gas logs for Fayetteville residents. If you are deciding between vent free, and vent, check out the differences below:

Vent Free Gas Logs

This log type is known for its specialized burner that efficiently burns gas and limits the discharge of exhaust. Although some negatives arise as a result, there are quite a few positive repercussions of vent free gas logs. They include:

  • Better Heat Output
  • Cleaner Air 
  • Less Air Pollution
  • Lower Gas Depletion

These qualities create a more efficient heating system that produces better heat output, and less air pollution. As far as negative aspects, the efficiency of vent free gas logs can cause moisture infiltration. Burning gas efficiently requires water vapor. This moisture can lead to mold and other problematic results. In addition, burning a ventless log can diminish your home’s oxygen level.

Vented Gas Logs

The alternative gas log produces a more realistic feel. Vented gas logs burn larger flames and create the traditional fireplace atmosphere. As a result, vented logs produce less heat, and use more gas than vent free logs. Still, the positives of vented gas logs should not be ignored:

  • Decorative
  • Increased Realism
  • Lack of Smell/Odor
  • Provides “Fireplace” Feel

The above factors should help homeowners make a decision regarding vented gas logs. These logs create a realistic and traditional feel. Fayettville residents should weigh all of their options, and contact a professional from Gore Heating and Cooling. Call (910) 485-5877 for gas log installation in Fayetville, NC.

Why You Need Air Duct Cleaning

duct cleaning

Dust and debris from your ducts can contaminate your home’s air.

The inside of your HVAC system can act as a haven for dust and debris. Flakes of skin, pet hair, and random assorted particles can stick within this dust to create a hotbed for the growth of bacteria and mold. While your air filters remove portions of this from breathable air, nothing prevents it from running wild within the HVAC itself. If you’ve noticed wisps of dust flow from your air vents, or dust that coats the return air register grills, you need a thorough duct cleaning. Don’t delay for this service, as dirty ducts can create several consequences for your home and health.

Less Efficient HVAC

The dust and dirt from your ducts will infest your HVAC’s heat exchangers and cooling coils. This makes your system work harder, which increases wear and results in an early need for replacement. A less-efficient system also requires more energy to operate. This will result in higher energy bills for your home.

Health Threats

The dust and dirt in your ducts will eventually make its way into your breathable air. This becomes even more pronounced if you have dirty air filters. In addition to pet dander and skin flakes, this can include mold, allergens, and particles of rodent feces.

A Dirty Home

Dirty ducts can result in a dirty home. If you’ve noticed that dust seems to settle quickly in your home, you can likely point the finger at dirty air ducts. Not matter how diligent your cleaning habits, you will not be able to avoid the accumulation of dust on furniture, electronics, and toys.

Dirty ducts create a lot of problems for a home. To have a thorough duct cleaning in Fayetteville, NC, call the experts at Gore Heating & A/C at (910) 485-5877.

4 Signs That It’s Time To Clean Your Dryer Vent

4 Signs That It's Time To Clean Your Dryer Vent

These Are Common Signs That It’s Time To Clean Your Dryer Vent.

Our dryer vent is an important function to our dryer. It ensures that there is no lint on your clothes and that your clothes dry faster. While it’s a great part of your dryer, it is easy to forget to clean the dryer vent. Not only can it affect the dryer’s operation, but it can also lead to fires. It’s important to clean the dryer vent after every use, but if you haven’t, there are a couple of signs you need to clean your dryer vent.

Drying Time Is Longer Than Usual

Usually, the normal time to dry clothes in the dryer is 30-40 minutes. If it’s taking longer for your dryer to dry your clothing, you might need to clean your dryer vent.

Your Clothes Aren’t Drying Efficiently

The dryer is a great home device because it gets our clothes completely clean. However, if your clothes aren’t drying after 30 or 40 minutes, consider inspecting your dryer vent.

Your Laundry Is Really Hot

If you take your clothes out of the dryer and they are extremely hot, you probably need to look at the dryer vent. The dryer vent isn’t exhausting properly and will need to be looked at.

You Haven’t Cleaned the Vent In Over a Year

The dryer vents should be inspected annually to ensure they are in good condition. Dryer vent inspections can determine if you are at risk of a fire or even carbon monoxide poisoning.

When you need dryer vent cleaning services in Fayetteville, NC, give our experts at Gore Heating & A/C a call at (910) 485-5877.

Why You Should Change Your Air Filter

dirty air filter torn

A dirty air filter can cause serious damage to your A/C.

In the daily hustle and bustle, we can sometimes forget the little things. When it comes to HVAC maintenance and changing your dirty air filter, it’s understandable that the chore could slip through the cracks. Unfortunately, neglect of your air filter can lead to serious problems. To spare these effects, change your air filter about once a month. If you need encouragement, just consider this list of consequences.

Consequences of a Dirty Air Filter

Dirty Ducts: If the air filter has become dirty, you can also count on dirty ducts. This means that your home — and the air you breathe — gets pumped with allergens and dust.

Lessened Air Flow: A/C units need a set amount of air flow to work properly. If these requirements aren’t met, your A/C could malfunction and eventually fail. You could also experience higher bills as your unit uses more energy to circulate air.

Inefficient Cooling: Dust and dirt from the air filter will eventually wind up on your A/C’s coils. When this happens, it contributes to frost on the coils. Frosted coils do not function correctly, and your unit could struggle to cool your house.

Change It Today

Luckily, all of these consequences can get avoided through a simple, five-minute task. As you can see, you simply cannot afford to neglect your air filter. In most cases, you should swap out your dirty air filter monthly. If you use certain higher quality air filters, you can do it once every three months. A house with pets or several occupants should get its air filter changed more often.

To learn more about changing your air filter, or to repair the damage already done, trust the experts at Gore Heat & A/C. Contact us today at (910) 485-5877.

4 Reasons You Need To Invest In An Air Purifier For Your Home

Our homes are the place we spend the most time in, so it is important to have clean breathing air at all times. While it’s not something that’s thought of a lot of time, air purifiers are a great way to ensure you have clean breathing air always. But what are the other reasons to invest in an air purifier? Here are four reasons why you should invest in an air purifier for your home.

Air Purifier A/C

With An Air Purifier, Your Home Will Have Better Air Quality.


It’s that time of year where allergies are the absolute worst. Whether it’s pollen, pet dander, or even household cleaning products, having allergies is not fun. An air purifier in your home will guarantee your allergies are improved inside your home.


Sure household chemicals like carpet cleaners and bleach keep your home clean, but they can do a number on your health when you breathe them in. Air purifiers are great because they can filter out those volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can make people sick.


No one ever wants a house that smells, but it can happen from time to time. While you can go buy air fresheners and candles to hid the smell, you can tackle the problem head on with an air purifier, making sure to eliminate pesky odors.


With dust, pollen, and other airborne pollutants in the air, it can cause people to snore. Air purifiers will rid the air of those pollutants and ensure you and your sleeping partner sleep more soundly.

If you’re looking for heating and cooling products that can help with airborne pollutants, call Gore Heating & A/C today at (910) 485-5877.