Why You Should Change Your Air Filter

dirty air filter torn

A dirty air filter can cause serious damage to your A/C.

In the daily hustle and bustle, we can sometimes forget the little things. When it comes to HVAC maintenance and changing your dirty air filter, it’s understandable that the chore could slip through the cracks. Unfortunately, neglect of your air filter can lead to serious problems. To spare these effects, change your air filter about once a month. If you need encouragement, just consider this list of consequences.

Consequences of a Dirty Air Filter

Dirty Ducts: If the air filter has become dirty, you can also count on dirty ducts. This means that your home — and the air you breathe — gets pumped with allergens and dust.

Lessened Air Flow: A/C units need a set amount of air flow to work properly. If these requirements aren’t met, your A/C could malfunction and eventually fail. You could also experience higher bills as your unit uses more energy to circulate air.

Inefficient Cooling: Dust and dirt from the air filter will eventually wind up on your A/C’s coils. When this happens, it contributes to frost on the coils. Frosted coils do not function correctly, and your unit could struggle to cool your house.

Change It Today

Luckily, all of these consequences can get avoided through a simple, five-minute task. As you can see, you simply cannot afford to neglect your air filter. In most cases, you should swap out your dirty air filter monthly. If you use certain higher quality air filters, you can do it once every three months. A house with pets or several occupants should get its air filter changed more often.

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