Changing Your Air Filters

In any home with an A/C unit, there will be filters that have to be changed. Some homeowners go weeks and even months without changing the filters when they are supposed to. This can lead to a bunch of problems if they keep it unchanged for too long. There are a variety of filter options to choose from. The more expensive ones will last you longer (around 3 months) and the cheaper ones will last less time (around 1 month). It is up to you what you should buy, the fact is that you have to buy them and remember to replace them. It is helpful to set a reminder on your phone that will go off when it is time to replace them. It may also be a good idea to stock up on air filters so that when the time does come, you don’t have to wait to or feel rushed to go to the store and buy more. There are even some companies that you pay monthly and have them sent right to your door!

Reasons to Change Your Filter Right Now

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This Is What Your Air Filter Should Look Like.

Germs – There are germ particles and allergens floating around everywhere. It is important to change your air filters on time to avoid breathing in these particles.

Efficiency – When you don’t change your air filters, it makes your HVAC system work twice as hard. Over time this will not only raise your energy bill, but it will cause problems with your system and make repairs happen much more frequently.

Overall you should be changing your air filter at the very latest every 3 months. It is important to do so. If you end up having a problem with your HVAC system or have any questions call Gore Heating & A/C at (910) 485-5877 and let us help you.