Most Common Issues With Your AC

Summer is in full swing. The temperatures are up, the sun is blazing, and the days are longer. Then, to your surprise, your air conditioner decides to go out on you. his is the last thing that you need. But what could be wrong with it? Check out some of the most common problems that happen with cooling units.

  • Faulty wiring: Bad wiring can be very risky and be a potential fire hard. Shoddy wiring can stop the system from gaining the power that it needs to adequately cool your home or even trip the circuit breaker.
  • Frozen coil: This is indicative of an airflow problem. There could perhaps be dirty filters or blocked return air duct. Frozen indoor coils can also mean that your unit is low on refrigerant.
  • Low on refrigerant: This chemical, also known as Freon, cools the air that is inside of your cooling system. Lower levels of this can indicate that there is a leak somewhere along the line.
  • Outdoor unit is not functioning properly: This component is responsible for transferring the heat from inside your home to the outside. If your outdoor unit is not working correctly, the heat transfer can not happen, and the AC compressor can potentially overheat and cause internal damage.

So whenever you find yourself with a malfunctioning AC unit, keep your cool and contact Gore Heating. We’ll dispatch one of our experts to come take a look at your unit and determine what the best option would be for you, whether it’s a repair or an installation. Call us us today (910) 485-5877