Geothermal Heat Pump

Geothermal heat pumps operate in the same manner as an air-to-air heat pump, only they are connected to a series of pipes buried beneath the ground. The temperature of the air on the
surface fluctuates greatly with each season, but the temperature of the ground 4 to 6 feet beneath the surface remains relatively constant all year. A geothermal system consists of an indoor unit which delivers the heat to your home, and the underground system of pipes – called an earth loop – and may also include a pump to “reinject” water into your aquifer, if your geothermal system utilizes one.

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Open Loop/Closed Loop8626731_s

If an aquifer is available, an “open loop” system may be installed, where water is pumped up from the well and used to transfer heat energy before being pumped back into the aquifer for re-circulation. Whether using an open loop or a closed loop system, the geothermal system will transfer energy from the ground to your home in the winter, and can transfer hotter air from your home and store it in the ground during the hot summer months.

By using the ground as a heat sink, the geothermal system can provide adequate cooling in moderate climates, and can help improve the efficiency of your forced-air central heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system if you live in an area where greater climate fluctuation occur.

Earth Loop

The pipes making up the earth loop are generally made from durable polyethylene, and can be arranged horizontally or vertically, whichever orientation best suits the particular site.  By simply transferring heat to and from the earth instead of burning fossil fuels to generate it, a heat pump is environmentally friendly, and typically operates on a small amount of electricity to power the compressor, pump, and fans.

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