Heat Pump Repair & Installation

Heat Exchange

A heat pump provides heating and cooling by moving thermal energy from a heat source to another location, often known as a “heat sink”. Heat pumps move heat using a small amount of energy, making them remarkably efficient compared to furnaces or boilers which burn a fuel source to generate heat. By not generating their own heat, a heat pump can drastically reduce your monthly energy bills.

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How They Work

Heat pumps use the same principles behind traditional refrigerators, but in the opposing direction. Heat pumps release heat into the conditioned space as opposed to the surrounding environment, and they are up to 3 or 4 times more efficient in using electricity than an electric heater. While the cost of installation is higher, their lower monthly expense more than offset the upfront cost.Heat Pump Repair in Fayetville, NC

By transferring heat rather than burning fuel to create it, a heat pump can provide cooling as well. When set to work in the opposite direction, a heat pump can draw hot air from your home and release it outside. Heat pumps are a popular choice among environmentally conscious homeowners because of their low footprint and lack of emissions. Heat pumps work best in moderate climates that don’t experience extreme fluctuations from hot to cold.

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