Heating and Cooling Installation

setting a thermostatMany times, we may move into a new home or business location and find that the existing heating and cooling system is little more than a few loud, inefficient, and expensive window units placed inconveniently throughout the building, offering little comfort beyond their immediate vicinity, and blocking valuable windows from being utilized for fresh air and/or sunlight.

When the hot summer months hit and the window A/C units don’t keep your employees comfortable, your profitability could suffer. If your family is cold every day during the winter because your space heaters just can’t keep your home warm enough, and you find yourself spending much more than you should on electricity, the idea of a “winter wonderland” can quickly fade. A modern, new heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system can not only keep your building comfortable, it can greatly reduce the energy (and therefore the money) spent each month on electricity or fuel.

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Increased EfficiencyHVAC Installation in Fayetville, NC

Manufacturers have worked hard to constantly improve the efficiency of the systems they produce. Since the 1980’s this has been a continued point of research and development, and was first driven largely by the increasing cost of energy. More recently, this search for efficiency has been driven by an increased awareness of the environmental impacts modern machinery can have on our ecosystem. Here in the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency has mandated a certain level of efficiency in all HVAC units, and we partner with only the best manufacturers to ensure the most reliable and efficient heating and cooling systems are installed in your home or commercial property.

Geothermal Heat

A geothermal heat pumps works under the same principle as a traditional air-source heat pump, only it transfers heat to and from beneath the surface of the earth, rather than from outside. Many parts of the country experience fluctuations in temperature throughout the changing seasons, and these require larger HVAC systems capable of handling these changes, all while needing a lot of energy and putting that strain on your wallet. A few feet beneath the surface of the earth, however, the temperature remains relatively constant year round. While the ground temperature will vary according to your location and latitude, the temperature of the earth 6 feet below ground stays between 45 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, which can be a reliable source of heating in the winter and cooling in the summer, as the air temperature on the surface fluctuates outside this range.

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