When Was Your Last Heater Inspection?

a woman with poor indoor air quality, allergiesWhether you have a central heating system, a steam boiler, or simply window units and radiators, it is important to have them inspected before the cold season begins. Inspections not only reveal problems that might not be visible at a casual glance, but they can also tell you if your unit is running at its highest efficiency level, or if it needs to be cleaned or upgraded.

Hazards of Old Heating Systems

If you live in an older home, your heater could be in poor shape. Some furnaces or boilers get corroded over the years, or become clogged from buildup. If your heat doesn’t seem to be as warm as it once was, simple wear and tear could be the problem.

If you have a newer system, it could be time to get your ventilation cleaned and inspected. Clogged vents can prevent your system from working at its capacity, and they can even become a fire hazard if they are left unattended for too long.

Indoor Air Quality

There is a reason why colds and flus seem to strike at about the same time each year; when it’s cold outside, people tend to gather indoors, where ventilation and air quality are poorer. This puts them in danger of breathing air contaminated with pollutants, bacteria, or viruses.

This occurs at the time of year when people’s bodies are already working hard to keep them warm, so there is little wonder that so many people fall ill. Indoor air quality is far worse than outdoor air quality, according to the EPA. Have your heater inspected and your air quality tested to make sure your home is both safe and comfortable.

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