Heating and Cooling Repair in Clinton, NC

Geothermal Heat in Clinton, NCThe first Europeans to settle in the area now known Clinton, NC came in 1740. Known originally as Clinton Courthouse, there was an earlier town also known as Clinton which had been incorporated in present-day Davie County, however that town was abandoned by 1822, and in the same year the town of Clinton was incorporated in present-day Sampson County.

One of the many immigrants drawn to the area was John Sampson, a Scotch-Irish looking for rich farmland to develop his homestead. Sampson quickly became a prominent local figure, serving as Lt. Colonel, and later a Lt. General in the county militia; he was also the first mayor of Wilmington, NC.

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Early Figures

When Sampson arrived, he had with him his 15 year-old stepson, Richard Clinton. Richard Clinton also rose to prominence in the local government, and organized a company of militia minutemen in 1776. These men mobilized to provide defense against the British, and Clinton was later appointed as Colonel of Cavalry.

Ultimately making the rank of Brigadier General in the Fayetteville District, Clinton was one of the first members of the House of Commons established with the inception of North Carolina’s state government as dictated by the Halifax Constitution of 1776. As a member of the House of Commons, Clinton represented Duplin County until the creation of Sampson County in 1784. Clinton played a large role in creating the new county, and proposed the name “Sampson” to honor his stepfather and benefactor.

Heater and A/C Services

We provide a large array of quality HVAC services to the local area. If you need assistance with any heating or cooling repairs, we are the team to call! Some of the services we provide include the following:

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