Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Dunn, NC

Geothermal Heat in Dunn, NCThe town known as Dunn, NC was originally known as Lucknow, a sleepy, peaceful hamlet when compared to nearby Averasborough. Dunn is less than 2 hours away from the Crystal Coast, and five hours away from the oldest mountain range in the United States. Dunn has 4 distinct seasons throughout the year, and a very moderate climate. This makes both residences and businesses in Dunn a prime candidate for geothermal heat, which could drastically reduce your monthly energy bills while improving your home’s efficiency.

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Originally, Dunn was built around the logging industry and was a center for distilling turpentine. The town was named after Bennet Dunn, who oversaw construction of the railroad between Fayetteville and Wilson. Many residents from Averasborough left in 1865 and settled in Lucknow, which was renamed Dunn later in 1873. This migration was spurred by the Battle of Averasborough earlier in 1865.

The Battle of Averasborough

The Battle of Averasborough occurred between Union forces under Gen. William T. Sherman and Confederate forces under Gen. Joseph E. Johnston. The Confederates preceded the Union army and attempted to to delay their advancement. After a series of heated battles, the Confederates left under cover of night to join with Gen. Johnston’s soldiers. In the end, both sides lost around 700 soldiers, and the Union army continued its advancement shortly in the wake of Confederate troops, to be met again days later in the infamous Battle of Bentonville.

Services Provided

We provide a variety of commercial and residential HVAC services to the local area. If you need assistance with any heating or cooling repair / installation services, contact our expert team of HVAC techs. The following are some of the services we provide:

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