Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Spring Lake, NC

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Our professional and courteous staff can service any HVAC need.

Gore Heating and A/C has offered heating and air conditioner services in Spring Lake, NC since 1978. We provide a superior blend of customer service and matchless work throughout our ventilation, heating, and air conditioner install and maintenance.

With an unbeatable team and top-tier workmanship, Gore Heating and A/C stands as the premier option for any commercial and residential jobs. Call our team now at (910) 485-5877 for more inquiries or to set aside time for any work.

Heating and Air Conditioning Services

Gore Heating and A/C can tackle every task as all-inclusive HVAC repairmen and installers. Commercial clients respect our technical abilities and reliability, while residential customers welcome our courtesy and dispatch.

  • Boiler Repair We provide service for any varieties of boilers, including oil, natural gas, steam, or biomass.
  • Commercial Heat A/C Repair Installation Installation and repair of the large HVACs used for business purposes falls within the expertise of our workmen.
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning Our workmen can clean a dryer vent to stop a potential fire hazard.
  • Furnace Repair Go with our accomplished team for the maintenance and installation of both natural gas and oil furnaces.
  • Gas Logs Gas logs, a wonderful part of decor for any house, are available for installation and maintenance from our workmen.
  • Geothermal Heat For a device that will both conserve your energy expenditures and support your house’s comfort, select a geothermal heat pump.
  • Heat Pump Repair and Installation For temperature control without large use of electricity and fuel, use a heat pump.
  • Heating and Cooling Installation For the installation of modern, energy-efficient systems in every residence, choose our company.
  • Residential Heat A/C Repair Installation Our technicians are ready for any heat or a/c install and service anyone may require.


We supply exceptional HVAC equipment to our clientele, since we have pride in our products. The level of care we invest in our house calls gets paralleled in how these companies approach their goods. Geothermal heat pumps, mini-split systems, or any other heating and cooling products that get the benefit of our work will provide years of dutiful service.

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Gore Heating A/C and its group of expert technicians stands ready to serve for every house heating or cooling necessity. The next instance you have an install or maintenance requirement in Spring Lake, NC, save time and choose the premier source for heating and a/c jobs: Gore Heating and A/C. To learn more or receive our help, phone our team at (910) 485-5877 right away.