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HVAC Repair & Installation in Hope Mills, NCHope Mills, NC was chartered in 1891, but the city traces its origins back to the year 1776 when a lumber camp, grist mill, sawmill, and a pottery business were all established. The first cotton mill was completed in 1839, ushering in a new era for the town. The cotton milling industry which followed gave the town much of its heritage, and even the namesake of the town itself comes from this heritage.

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Little Rockfish Village

Before it was known as Hope Mills, the region was called Little Rockfish Village, and was also known as Hope Mills #1. As the textile industry flourished, so too did Little Rockfish Village. By the Civil War, the region had a company store, and visitors could see rows of houses establishing the early outlines of a settlement.

pair of ac units on wallThese residences housed families who worked in the cotton mills. As General Sherman moved forward into the area, a total of 8 cotton mills were burned in the area, including the factory at Little Rockfish Village, in March of 1865. As the Confederate troops rushed to avoid approaching Union cavalry, they spared the Bluff Mill, but managed to destroy many buildings and bridges in Cumberland County.

The textile industry has played a large role in the past of Hope Mills, and it has helped shape the community into what it is today, and this spirit of welcoming businesses remains strong to this day. We are happy to provide our reliable Heater and Air Conditioner repair and installation services in Hope Mills, NC. If you need your home or business’s heating or air conditioning systems repaired, please call Gore Heating & Air Conditioning today! (910) 485-5877

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