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iStock_000034053198_LargeLaurinburg was officially incorporated in 1877, but local history dates back as far as 1785, when the present town site was first settled. The name of the town was originally written as “Lauginburgh” and was pronounced “Laur-in-boro” by locals. The “h” was dropped from the name of the Post Office, while the act incorporating the town used a different spelling altogether: “Laurenburg”. In any case, the “Laurin” portion of the town’s name is taken from the McLaurin family, prominent among the early settlers in the area.

There were originally sparse accommodations in the town of Laurinburg, and until 1840 the town consisted of a store, a saloon, and a few shacks. In 1852 the Laurinburgh High School was built, ushering in a period of rapid growth. It was from the school that the town took its name, despite the changes in spelling throughout the years.

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Early Development

A large part of Laurinburg’s history comes from the railroad. The Wilmington, Charlotte, and Rutherfordton Railroad announced its arrival in Laurinburg during the year 1853, and the first trains came in 1861. These first trains hauled young men off to fight in the Civil War, during which time the railroad moved its shops to Laurinburg. The thinking behind this decision was that the shops would be safer farther inland, while the Northern fleet concentrated its efforts on Fort Fisher.

The initial idea was that these shops would only be located in Laurinburg for a short period of time, lending to great fear that, once the shops left, the town’s economy would collapse. The shops did stay for a time, however, as more land was purchased by Railroad officials. Until 1894 the railroad continued to play a major role in economic development, and the textile industry continued this development after the Railroad’s shops finally left.

Services Provided

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