Heating and Cooling in Lumberton, NC

Geothermal Heat in Lumberton, NCLumberton, NC is located along the Lumber River in the scenic Coastal Plains region of southeast North Carolina. The Lumber River State Park runs through Lumberton, NC. With 150 miles of picturesque waterways, Lumberton is a wonderful place to call home. The town was founded the same year that 39 of the 55 Constitutional delegates signed the constitution of the United States to Congress. When Lumberton was incorporated, it had existed as a town for some year before, and this inhabited area of Lumber River was known as Drowning Creek. Portions of the river are still known as Drowning Creek today.

The county of Robeson was founded in 1786 by 2 heroes of the Revolutionary War, who were also residents of the area. Gen. John Willis and Col. Thomas Robeson chose to name the county after the Colonel, and the land was donated by the General. Willis is also credited with the name of Lumberton, and the town was incorporated in 1859. The region has a large number of Lumbee Native Americans. The Lumbee have worked for years to receive federal recognition, and have been recognized by the state of North Carolina as an official tribe.

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Services Provided

Residential Heating and Cooling Repair

When your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system malfunctions, or simply stops working as efficiently as it should, give us a call! We can diagnose the problem and provide you with a FREE estimate for all repair services.

Commercial Heating and Cooling Repair

A commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system works under the same principles that govern a residential HVAC system, but on a much larger scale. The ducting network for a larger commercial space can literally extend for miles, and the zoning for these networks can require complex mathematical formulations. We can assess the various components of your HVAC system, locate the problem and provide you a FREE estimate on all repairs!

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