Why You Need Air Duct Cleaning

duct cleaning

Dust and debris from your ducts can contaminate your home’s air.

The inside of your HVAC system can act as a haven for dust and debris. Flakes of skin, pet hair, and random assorted particles can stick within this dust to create a hotbed for the growth of bacteria and mold. While your air filters remove portions of this from breathable air, nothing prevents it from running wild within the HVAC itself. If you’ve noticed wisps of dust flow from your air vents, or dust that coats the return air register grills, you need a thorough duct cleaning. Don’t delay for this service, as dirty ducts can create several consequences for your home and health.

Less Efficient HVAC

The dust and dirt from your ducts will infest your HVAC’s heat exchangers and cooling coils. This makes your system work harder, which increases wear and results in an early need for replacement. A less-efficient system also requires more energy to operate. This will result in higher energy bills for your home.

Health Threats

The dust and dirt in your ducts will eventually make its way into your breathable air. This becomes even more pronounced if you have dirty air filters. In addition to pet dander and skin flakes, this can include mold, allergens, and particles of rodent feces.

A Dirty Home

Dirty ducts can result in a dirty home. If you’ve noticed that dust seems to settle quickly in your home, you can likely point the finger at dirty air ducts. Not matter how diligent your cleaning habits, you will not be able to avoid the accumulation of dust on furniture, electronics, and toys.

Dirty ducts create a lot of problems for a home. To have a thorough duct cleaning in Fayetteville, NC, call the experts at Gore Heating & A/C at (910) 485-5877.