Prepping Your Furnace for the Winter

It’s the time of year where the leaves falling to the ground and the temperature is on a steady decline. This is also about the time of year when you should be knocking some of that dust from your furnace and getting it prepped for those colder months that are to come. Here are some tips on how to get your furnace prepped and ready.

  • Change out your filter – An old, dity filter can spell trouble. This is a simply and low cost task that can save you a lot of money later.
  • Clean you chimney – We recommend hiring a professional chimney sweep to ensure that you flue and chimney is clean to avoid hazardous gases and completely free of any foreign objects such as bird nests.
  • Purchase a carbon monoxide detector – Carbon monixde is undetectable because of its lack of color and smell and can be extremely dangerous. So keep yourslf and your family safe by installing a detector near your furnace.
  • Vacuum – Use a regular vacuum to clean out the room where your furnace is located and the furnace itself. This allows you to emove any excess dust that could possibly be lifted to the surface onto the furnace. and electrical connections.

A furnace that’s ready for the winter could significantly decrease the chances of you needing any major repairs, therefore saving you a bit of money. Call the heating experts of Fayetteville, NC at (910) 485-5877. Gore Heating is here to help keep your furnace running smoothly.