Saving On Your Energy Bill During Colder Months

Can you believe it? September is already upon us! And you know what that means. Temperatures will begin to drop. Soon it will be time to exchange that tank for a sweater and your air conditioner for your furnace. With the holidays coming up,of course you want to save a bit of money. Well, there’s great news! You’re able to save money on your energy bill during these colder months. Here are a few ways how.

  • Keep your heater clean and cleared – Properly maintaining your furnace and its vents will ensure a decrease of energy usage that will help you save. Regularly check the filter of your furnace and change it once it becomes dirty.
  • Buy a humidifier to add moisture to the air – The brisk cold air of the year’s later months can make he air in your home incredibly dry. The moisture in the air, the warmer it will feel. Placing a humidifier in your home will help you feel comfortable while still keeping your thermostat low.
  • Only heat the rooms that you are using – Some of have rooms that we never use, such a guest rooms or storage areas.Seal off the vents in these spaces, that way the heat will redirect to other rooms that are being occupied and not being wasted on the rooms that aren’t.

There are many different ways to cut down on your heating bill. But if you’re finding yourself with more questions about your heating system, call Gore Heating at (910) 485-5877. We’d love to hear from you!