Tips For Clean Indoor Air

Wondering why your house is so dusty? Have been experiencing more allergy and asthma symptoms than normal? Your may benefit from cleaning your indoor air, which is actually quite simple! Plus, there are many benefits you might not know about. Here are some tips for clean indoor air and how it can help you.

Keep The Air Filters Clean

tips for clean indoor airDo you remember the last time you changed your air filter? Do you usually wait to replace it when it’s caked in dust and lint? Once your air filters reach this point, they cannot perform how they are supposed to. This leads more dust, spores, bacteria, and other pollutants floating around in your home.

Plus, this excess dust can reduce the lifespan of your heating and cooling system, leading to costly repairs. Prevent this by inspecting your air filter once a month and replacing before it gets completely clogged.

Clean Your House Often

The dust and other nasty stuff in your indoor air gets pumped through your A/C system every day. Then, it settles into your carpet and upholstered furniture, on shelves, and behind dressers. If your home seems excessively dusty, try vacuuming, dusting, and mopping once a week. If you have several people in the house or have pets, you may need to clean more often. This will help reduce the amount of dust getting pumped through your A/C.

Take Your Shoes Off

There’s a reason why people enjoy the fresh air of nature compared to the stuffiness of their homes. However, bringing nature indoors isn’t always the best idea. Take your shoes off in a foyer or mudroom to keep unwanted bacteria, dirt, and allergens out of your home.

If you follow these tips for clean indoor air and are still breathing in too much dust, you may need a professional. Does your A/C produce unpleasant, musty odors? Call Gore Heating & A/C  in Fayetteville, NC for home air conditioning and heating repair and cleaning today at (910) 485-5877.