Vented vs Vent Free Gas Logs

Vented vs Vent Free Gas Log

Many families are investing in vent free gas logs with remote controls

Homeowners in Fayetteville, NC interested in adding a fireplace, are faced with a decision. Vented vs vent free gas logs are a comparison that every prospective customer will have to consider. There are pros and cons to each log type. At Gore Heating and Cooling, we install gas logs for Fayetteville residents. If you are deciding between vent free, and vent, check out the differences below:

Vent Free Gas Logs

This log type is known for its specialized burner that efficiently burns gas and limits the discharge of exhaust. Although some negatives arise as a result, there are quite a few positive repercussions of vent free gas logs. They include:

  • Better Heat Output
  • Cleaner Air 
  • Less Air Pollution
  • Lower Gas Depletion

These qualities create a more efficient heating system that produces better heat output, and less air pollution. As far as negative aspects, the efficiency of vent free gas logs can cause moisture infiltration. Burning gas efficiently requires water vapor. This moisture can lead to mold and other problematic results. In addition, burning a ventless log can diminish your home’s oxygen level.

Vented Gas Logs

The alternative gas log produces a more realistic feel. Vented gas logs burn larger flames and create the traditional fireplace atmosphere. As a result, vented logs produce less heat, and use more gas than vent free logs. Still, the positives of vented gas logs should not be ignored:

  • Decorative
  • Increased Realism
  • Lack of Smell/Odor
  • Provides “Fireplace” Feel

The above factors should help homeowners make a decision regarding vented gas logs. These logs create a realistic and traditional feel. Fayettville residents should weigh all of their options, and contact a professional from Gore Heating and Cooling. Call (910) 485-5877 for gas log installation in Fayetville, NC.